Welcome to my weekly watching for the Spring 2017 anime season. This is where I sum up my weekly viewing experience and thoughts on the Spring 2017 anime season. This season I’m watching The Royal Tutor, Tsuki ga Kirei, and Sakura Quest.

The Royal Tutor

The Price of the Past

The Royal Tutor Spring 2017 Anime
This week marked a dramatic change from the rest of the season. We were once again with Kai and we found out the reason behind his bad reputation. It was a really interesting episode that marred a dark tone with the comedic natures to good effect.

I enjoyed being shown the military backstory rather than just told about it. The whole going to see student R was quite compelling and very believable. I also thought the dark tone was well done and lightened with the comedy appropriately; none of the comedic elements felt forced in this episode. Everything seemed to gel together well.

The action scene was really enjoyable to watch and the way Heine jumped around evading attacks was entertaining. The music added a level of tension as we saw Heine evade, protect, and take down his opponents. It added to the mystery of who Heine is without taking away anything from Kai. The growth of Kai was also present and showcased in a way that let you see his development.

This is my favourite episode of the season so far.


Sakura Quest

The Lady’s Scales

Sakura Quest Spring 2017 Anime

This week’s episode carried on exactly where the previous one left out as Shiori tries to come up with a plan to save face with the tourism board. Meanwhile, Shori’s sister moves out and things get set straight about the chef too.

This episode was quite interesting for learning more about Shiori. I don’t feel we learnt anything we didn’t already know. We got to see a bit more of the dynamics of her family and how she thinks just cementing the type of person she is. It showcased the closeness between Shiori and her sister, but it seems a bit past time given her sister has moved out and presumably won’t feature much at all.

We saw another one of Yoshino’s attempts to make the local trends more “interesting”. Once again she failed. It’s interesting that Yoshino, as an outsider to the local community, is so insistent at combining modern aspects with local traditions. None of them seem to catch on. I’m getting a little fed up of all her crazy schemes but we’re bound to get one succeed somewhere along the way.

I’m still waiting to learn more about Ririko.

Comedy, Countryside, Slice of Life

Tsuki ga Kirei

Vita Sexualis

Tsuki ga Kirei Spring 2017 Anime

This week’s episode made a really nice change from the last few. It was nice to just see Akane and Kotaro together without anyone trying to get in the way.

There’s something about this show that I find really hard to describe. It brings me a warm fuzzy feeling when I watch it and it makes me want more. I can see Tsuki ga Kirei being a series that I want to go back to after the season has finished.

I wish I could find more ways to talk about this show. It’s one that I want to recommend to everyone but I find it really hard to discuss on an episode by episode basis. I hope my season reason will do it some sort of justice.

Romance, Slice of Life, School Life

Stand Out Episode

The Royal Tutor

This week, The Royal Tutor episode really stuck with it. The way it darkened the tone ever more so, while still retaining it’s fundamental comedic elements, was superb. In some ways it’s almost overtaken Tsuki ga Kirei as the show I look forward to each week. As far as I know it’s a one cour show so it makes sense that it’s starting to get to the root of who Heine is and I was really pleased to see a break from the cycle of prince focused episodes that we’ve had so far. I wouldn’t place bets that next week’s won’t be dedicated to a different prince altogether, but hopefully it can carry on moving forwards like it did this week.

What do you think about the latest episode of The Royal Tutor? Are you also getting fed up of Yoshino’s schemes in Sakura Quest? Do you find Tsuki ga Kirei hard to describe when thinking why you’re enjoying it so much? Are you watching an anime not listed here and think it’s something I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

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