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The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride

Two episodes of the prequel for The Ancient Magus’ Bride are out with the last due in September. I started watching this not realising what it was and at the moment I’m sold on this series when it releases in October.



Chaos;Child is at an end and it was a bumpy ride. The final impression was soured by a run of bad episodes towards the end of the series, but an overview of all the episode review scores shows it wasn’t too bad on a week by week basis.


ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.


An anime that started off rather slow, this became my favourite of the anime I watched during the Winter 2017 season. The ending might not be what everyone was hoping for, but I found it suited the character’s perfectly.


Chaos;Child – It’s Over. Finally.

Don’t expect me to tell you what happened in this episode. I’ve haven’t the faintest idea. The series is over but I’m just as confused as when it started.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 12.


Chaos;Child – The Showdown Begins

It looks like this is the penultimate episode of this show and it was medicore. Some things were really well done but there’s still some questions we might never know the answer to and a cliffhanger ending that left a sour taste.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 11


Chaos;Child – The Reveal, Part Two

As suspected, we got the reveal of the second culprit. I’ve tried to keep things pretty spoiler free in this episode review, but it’s all starting to feel a little lackluster. The suspense was more intriguing.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 10


Chaos;Child – The Reveal, Part One?

A new episode rolls around and it took me a while to get to it again. It’s enjoyable but it definitely asks you to accept a fair bit without asking any questions.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 9.


Chaos;Child – All About Nono

Don’t expect Episode 7’s heights in this episode. We learnt about Nono and I wonder if my previous criticism of her design was partially intentional.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 8.


Chaos;Child – Prepare Yourself

I delayed watching this episode after the way the last two let me down. After watching it, I really wish I hadn’t! It had some really good choices made that kept the viewer’s immersion through some rather difficult emotional moments.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 7.


Chaos;Child – Disappointment Is Real

Episode 7 may be out today but I just caught up on Episode 6. It was such a disappointment for it’s portrayal of female characters and after a great start to this series it feels almost like a betrayal for it to stoop to the levels that it did in this episode.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 6.


Chaos;Child – Interesting Story, Odd Portrayal

Last week’s careful presentation of Serika was marred by this week’s depiction of Nono. Though the content was engaging the scenes presented were rather jarring and unexpected and served to disrupt the immersion of the show.

A review of Chaos;Child Episode 5.


Chaos;Child – On the Up!

This episode is one of the best of the season. Despite the camera having an opportunity to exploit Serika, it was carefully avoided and showed some consideration of the her while still showing the situation the characters were placed in.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 4.


Chaos;Child – When Questions Go Unanswered

After episode 2, episode 3 had a high bar to aim for. Unfortunately it fell short slightly when it comes to Nono and dealing with the situation she had been placed in.

A review of Chaos;Child Episode 3.