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Summer Week 4: Prime Anime Reactions

Well, well, well. We’re on week 4 and this is post covers my Amazon Prime watch-list. This season it includes Dive!! – a series I’m enjoying more than I expected to – and Welcome to the Ballroom which has caused me a lot of dissatisfaction. Have a look at my reactions for this week’s Dive and episodes 3-5 of Ballroom


Female Characters In Welcome To The Ballroom

Welcome to the Ballroom is the show I was most hyped for this season. After the first episode I was head over heels for it. Then it went downhill when it began to showcase its female characters in a questionable light.


Summer 2017 Anime Updates – Week 3

It’s time for week 3! Welcome to the Ballroom was a bit of a disappointment after waiting all weekend for it, whereas Gamers! surprised me by the direction it took this week. Restaurant to Another World gave us more of the same, Sakura Quest upped its game and Dive!! is becoming predictable. All in all, a jam packed week of anime!