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Tsuki ga Kirei – Young Love

Tsuki ga Kirei

Episode 3 is upon us and it carries on along the same wavelength as the previous two. It’s actually progressed quicker than I thought it would but we have an inkling that things will be difficult.

A review of Tsuki ga Kirei, Episode 3


The Royal Tutor – You Don’t Need To Accept Me

As the final moments of Heine’s first day draws to close, the tutor waits to see if the four princes will come to the lesson. If you don’t like slow shows you might want to leave this series until the end of the season.

A review of The Royal Tutor, Episode 3


The Royal Tutor – The Prince Interviews

This week introduces the remaining cast members in through the use of interviews, as expected. Nothing out of the ordinary happens here, but it was still a pleasant episode to watch.

A review of The Royal Tutor, Episode 2


Tsuki ga Kirei – A Dreamy Introduction

Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei tells the story of two adolescents that meet each other in middle school. They see each other, and feel something, but neither seems to want to put a name to these feelings. A really sweet start to what could be an amazing Slice of Life series.

A review of Tsukigakirei, Episode 1


Sakura Quest – First Impressions

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest deals with the life of a young woman who ends up in a job and a town as far away from her expectations as possible. This episode introduces us to Yoshino Koharu and shows us the first day of her new job.

A review of Sakura Quest, Episode 1


The Royal Tutor – The Royal Tutor Arrives

Spring Season of Anime begins and The Royal Tutor caught my eye. It sounded interesting and the kind of concept I like so I thought I’d give it a go. A typical introduction episode but one that will bring me back next week.

A review of The Royal Tutor, Episode 1


Chaos;Child – It’s Over. Finally.

Don’t expect me to tell you what happened in this episode. I’ve haven’t the faintest idea. The series is over but I’m just as confused as when it started.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 12.


Chaos;Child – The Showdown Begins

It looks like this is the penultimate episode of this show and it was medicore. Some things were really well done but there’s still some questions we might never know the answer to and a cliffhanger ending that left a sour taste.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 11


Chaos;Child – The Reveal, Part Two

As suspected, we got the reveal of the second culprit. I’ve tried to keep things pretty spoiler free in this episode review, but it’s all starting to feel a little lackluster. The suspense was more intriguing.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 10


Chaos;Child – The Reveal, Part One?

A new episode rolls around and it took me a while to get to it again. It’s enjoyable but it definitely asks you to accept a fair bit without asking any questions.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 9.


Chaos;Child – All About Nono

Don’t expect Episode 7’s heights in this episode. We learnt about Nono and I wonder if my previous criticism of her design was partially intentional.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 8.


Chaos;Child – Prepare Yourself

I delayed watching this episode after the way the last two let me down. After watching it, I really wish I hadn’t! It had some really good choices made that kept the viewer’s immersion through some rather difficult emotional moments.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 7.


Chaos;Child – Disappointment Is Real

Episode 7 may be out today but I just caught up on Episode 6. It was such a disappointment for it’s portrayal of female characters and after a great start to this series it feels almost like a betrayal for it to stoop to the levels that it did in this episode.

A review of Chaos;Child, Episode 6.


Chaos;Child – Interesting Story, Odd Portrayal

Last week’s careful presentation of Serika was marred by this week’s depiction of Nono. Though the content was engaging the scenes presented were rather jarring and unexpected and served to disrupt the immersion of the show.

A review of Chaos;Child Episode 5.