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Manga Challenge 2017

Okay, so I’m starting almost five months into 2017, but I want something to help me try a whole bunch of new manga. What with my new library membership, and access to Crunchyroll’s manga, I’ve got no excuse for not reading lots of manga and finding out more about what I enjoy. After all, I only have three manga series that I can say I enjoy reading and I don’t know enough about what I’m liking about each of them to be able to say I’d like something else.

I went onto MAL’s manga challenge and created myself a bingo card. I won’t be competing on MAL as I prefer the interface of AP but I can still track everything here!

Challenge Start Date: April 20, 2017
Challenge Finish Date: December 31, 2017
Link to your list: AP Manga Challenge 2017 List
Completed Manga (at sign-up): 0

Difficulty: Novice
Pattern: Asterisk
Bingo Card #:

Challenge list:
04 – Read a manhua or a manhwa
17 – Read a manga published in the same magazine in which your favorite one was serialized Must be something from Hana to Yume that serialized Fruits Basket
21 – Read a manga published between the 1980s and the 1990s – The manga must have been completely published during the decade
23 – Read a manga published between the 2000s and the 2010s – The manga must have been completely published during the decade
26 – Read a manga based on a one-shot that got serialized – List in FAQs
32 – Read a manga with a score of or below 6.0 in MyAnimeList
34 – Read a manga ranked in the top 1000
36 – Read a manga with less than 2000 completed members
42 – Read a manga with a non-human main character
48 – Read a manga about food, music or art
51 – Read a manga based on real event or person – Make a note of what event or person is being represented
54 – Read a Super Powers, Fantasy or Supernatural manga
56 – Read a Sports, Martial Arts, Cars or Games manga
61 – Read a manga that another user has read for this challenge
63 – Read a manga that was recently reviewed
65 – Choose a manga from the predictive search using a generated random word – Use this site to generate a word. In the predictive search bar select “Manga” from the drop-down menu at the left. In the search area write your random word, without spaces. The manga you read should be one from there. You can’t press the “View all results” option.
67 – Read a manga that starts with the same second letter of your username
68 – Choose a random trope from TVTropes and read a manga listed under the trope – You may click random several times. Unless a specific title/manga is referenced, you can use any from the franchise mentioned. If the page says that the trope/examples shouldn’t be used as one it won’t be valid. Remember to look for the area in the trope that says “Examples” -> “Anime and Manga”
Free – (52) Read a Romance, Slice of Life or Comedy manga

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